Western Topper 32                Western Topper 33                 Western Topper 34
  Couple w/Arch                                        Couple w/heart                                    Western couple w/rope
  $29.00                                     $29.00                                     $35.00
Western Topper 35            Western Topper 36                   Western Topper 38
Western Hats & Bales                 Cute couple w/horse shoe arch                       Cute couple w/rope heart
                                      (optional lace and flowers can be added)       (optional ribbon & rose can be added)
  $41.00                                $19.00                                        $29.00
  Ring Bearer Pillow 203                     Cake Server Set 153W
Western Style Heart Pillow (White or Ivory)                     Western Style cake server set
                                                                                    add $10 for engraving
          $15.00                                            $18.00
Guest Book/Plume Pen Set 304                Guest Book/Plume Pen Set 305
Heart/Ribbon guest book and pen set                     Infinity ribbons & flowers guest book and pen set
       $18.00/set                                                 $18.00/set
Western boots/flower decorations         Decoration 39                         Decoration 38
  Boots may vary from photo                              (select ribbon color)                       (select candle and ribbon color)   
       (specify flower colors)
     $45.00/set of 2                              $10.00 each                                $14.00
Western Decoration  61            Western Decoration 60                       Favor 97
          Western Pew Bow                                  Horse shoe candle holder                                
    $14.00/set of 2                                 $28.00                                        $3.00
Western Boutineer 100a         Western Loop Corsage 105a    Western Loop Bouquet 113
Cowboy hat/rope heart boutineer                    Western Rope Loop Corsage                   Western Rope Loop Bouquet
(White or black hat & choice of colors              (specify flower colors)                                (specify flower colors)
         for bandanas)
        $4.50                                          $6.00                                        $14.00
Western Knot Bouquet 112        Western Hat Bouquet 109b          Western Bouquet 109a
          Love Knot Bouquet                 Decorated hat doubles as bridesmaids bouquets        Horse shoe bridal bouquet
        (specify flower colors)                     specify hat size and color for price quote
                                                                            or you can supply hats
          $14.00                              $12.00 + Cost of Hat                            $37.00
Western Theme Wedding Supplies
and Western Wedding Cake Toppers
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