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Surname Heraldry, Scriptures, Prayers, Famous
quotations/phrases printed on artwork
Glass Frame 14       Glass Frame 15      Glass Frame 17         Glass Frame 18
11x8.5 Beveled Frame          7x5 Beveled Glass           11x8.5 Wavy Glass             10x8 Beveled Glass
Wedding Bells Etch                    Easle back                          Curved                       Octagon - Easle back
$47.95                        $21.95                      $45.95                        $38.95
Glass Frame 19      Glass Frame 20        Glass Frame 21       Glass Frame 22   
11x8.5 Beveled Glass        10x8 Frameless                  11x8.5 Frameless              7x5 Beveled Glass
Octagon - Easle back      Brass Clip Corners               Brass Clip Corners        Floral Jewel - Silver trim
                                Easle back                             Easle back                          Easle back
$41.95                       $26.95                        $32.95                      $30.95
Glass Frame 23        Glass Frame 24     Glass Frame 25     Glass Frame 26     
10x8 Beveled Glass             5x7 Beveled Glass            7x5 Block w/pen              5x7 Block w/pen     
Floral Jewel - Silver trim        Octagon - Easle back        
Easle back                            
$42.95                        $23.95                    $50.95                      $50.95
Glass Frame 27       Glass Frame 28      Glass Frame 30      Glass Frame 31
10x8 Wavy Glass              11x8.5 Wavy Glass           10x8 Beveled Glass                    5x7 Vase
Easle back                          Easle back                          Easle back
$42.95                       $45.95                       $35.95                       $42.95
Glass Frame 32F              Glass Frame 32Fa               Glass Frame 32L
7x5 Curved Glass w/Candle           7x5 Curved Glass w/Candle           7x5 Curved Glass w/Candle
Friends                                                  Family                                                  Love
$35.95                                   $35.95                                 $35.95   
Glass Frame 33
5x7 (2) Beveled Glass - Curved
To place an order - Select frame number, select artwork background,
select first name, last name, or
poem. Place your order here
or email to
Personalized Glass Frame Gifts
Choose a glass frame, choose an artwork background, select a poem or first name gift.
All Frames come with your choice of artwork background and poem or first name gift printing included in the price.
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