57 Chevy                       Africa                          Airforce                         Airforce 2                  Airforce 3         
All Gods Children              America               American Eagle             Angel Boy                     Angel Girl
Angel on Cloud                   Army                         Ballerina                 Ballet Dancer             Balloon Valley    
Baseball                      Baseball 2              Baseball Puppy             Basketball                  Bass Fishing
Black Child Angel        Black First Love           Black Panther                 Black Wolf                      Blue Fairy  
Butterfly Mist                      Cardinal                          Canyon                           Castle                          Cats
Cave                        Cheerleader                 Child Angel                     Chopper                   Christ w/Boy
Christ w/Girl                    Christening                     Clouds                     Coastal Sunset                  Cottage
Cottage 2                Country Christmas               Cowboy                          Cowboys                       Cudly Bears
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Artwork Samples
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Blue Moon               Blueridge Mountains               Bridge                         Boy Angel                     Butterflies
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